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Reaching the Venue
 Daegu International Airport
Daegu International Airport is the only airport in Daegu-Gyeongbuk Region which serves a pivot of international exchange with 4 international routes of 2 nations. Daegu International Airport serves as a ring to the world. This is a competitive feature of Daegu, a city which has successfully hosted several international events.

• Beijing ↔ Daegu International Airport (1 hour and 50 minutes) • Shanghai ↔ Daegu International Airport
   (1 hour and 50 minutes)
• Shenyang ↔ Daegu International Airport (2 hours) • Bangkok ↔ Daegu International Airport
  (5 hours and 15 minutes)
 Domestic flights at Daegu Airport
There are 2 flights everyday that connects Daegu International Airport with Incheon International Airport. You can visit Daegu conveniently using both international flights and connecting domestic flights.

• Incheon International Airport ↔ Daegu International Airport (1 hour)
• Jeju International Airport ↔ Daegu International Airport (1 hour)
 Kimhae Airport
There are 28 flight routes from nine countries including China, Southeast Asia and America that come to the Kimhae Airport. There are ten limousine bus services that connect Daegu International Airport and Kimhae Airport, which you can use to easily arrive at Daegu in one hour and ten minutes.
 Incheon International Airport
Visit the center of the world, Incheon International Airport, more conveniently!
There are two flights and 30 limousine bus services each day from Daegu which you can use without time constraints to connect easily with the world.
 Domestic Traffic Network
Railway : The center for a half-day travel life, KTX The transport time between Seoul and Daegu is one hour and forty minutes, and in the era of domestic half-day travel, the value of the Daegu Metropolitan City is increasing.

Highway : A multi-dimensional roadway that connects everywhere. Daegu Metropolitan City is connected to major cities of Korea with a multi-dimensional road network of seven highway crosses. The travel time to major Korean cities is only two hours from Daegu, making road travel very convenient. It is highly accessible to the airports
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