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Korea Live Surgery Workshop 1st
period Nov 17-18, 2012
location Daegu, Korea
venue KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
organized by KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery(KSHRS)
About Korea
Visitors will discover Korea's rich natural beauty combined with a unique cultural and historical heritage. After a rapid modernization in recent decades, Koreans still maintain their traditional values such as hospitality and the time-honored Confucian respect for the elderly. Traveling in Korea is enjoyable all year round thanks to its distinct four seasons and the beautiful changes of nature. In spring (March to May), mountains and fields are in bloom with cherry blossoms, forsythias, azaleas, magnolias and lilacs.

In summer (June to early September), luxuriant forests, bright green fields and the cobalt blue sea draw people outdoors.
In autumn (September to November), cool temperatures and a clear sky make it the most pleasant time of the year in Korea. The mountains all over the country are covered in red and yellow blazing autumn foliage. In winter (December to February), mountain slopes become the place Winter in Korea is another delightful season of great amusement. For Further information, please visit
Daegu, "Medi-City"
Daegu's historical roots trace back to thousands of years, and the culture and mannerisms of its surroundings and its people still reveal glimpses of its culture-rich history. Daegu has held to its core traditions and heritages, while embracing the global community.

Daegu is the representative 'Medi-City' of Korea. With 5 university medical schools, 12 general hospitals and more than 7,500 medical experts equipped with high-end medical devices and techniques, the medical program in Daegu covers from basic body check-ups to curing rare diseases, providing better medical services at lower costs. Daegu is putting the best efforts to become the center of medical tourism in Asia. Medi-City Daegu invites you to the best medical service.
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