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Professor Jung Chul Kim
Professor Jung Chul Kim
Development of follicular unit hair transplantation
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Development of follicular unit hair transplantation
Hair transplantation was started in the United States during the 1950s. Initially, punch grafts had been used with using a 4mm punch to extract follicles from the back of the head and placed them on the grafting area using the same size punch. However, the results of this method were unnatural looking because the hair grew like a doll’s hair.

In order to improve the unnatural appearance of the punch- and the mini-grafting, Prof. Jung-Chul Kim at Kyungpook National University Hospital developed a new hair transplantation method in 1992 using the world’s first follicular unit transplantation method.
Follicular unit refers to the hair unit on the scalp. The hairs on the scalp grow in follicular units. Each unit comprises 1-3 hairs growing from a single opening in the skin. For East Asians, 46% of hairs are single-hair follicular units and the rest are in 2-3 hair follicular units. For most Caucasians, however, the hair generally grows in 2-3 hair follicular units, with only 5% single-hair follicular units.

Follicular unit transplantation provides the best results because it moves hairs as follicular units those are in a normal distribution pattern on the scalp, there by preserving the original hair appearance. This method is ideal, especially for Asians, who typically have thick, straight, black hair.
Punch grafts(1954, USA)  Follicular unit transplantation(1992, KOREA)
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