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KNUH Hair Transplantation Center will carry its fame to the world through global marketing.
In 2006, Daegu Metropolitan City claimed the slogan, ’Medi-city Daegu’ for the development of medical industries such as medical services and pharmaceutical businesses utilizing outstanding medical technologies in the local community.
Daegu is currently carrying out mega scale government funded project, Medi-Cluster Project, since 2008 with total 2.5 billion dollar budget.

Accompanying with this effort, Daegu city initiated a project for medical tourism to introduce the outstanding medical technologies to the world. In particular, our center has already been noted for its outstanding hair transplantation technique and research accomplishments. KNUH Hair Transplantation Center is playing the central role in the city’s medical tourism plan.
KNUH Hair Transplantation Center is proud to be the world’s best in the field of hair transplantation and research.
As a global hair transplantation center attracting foreign clients, the Center will make efforts to heighten our international status. The Center is playing a central role in the development of new techniques and devices, cutting-edge hair research,
and Deagu medical tourism. We are actively participating in domestic and overseas medical fairs, conferences, familiarization tours for foreign medical tourism agencies, and broadcasting and the press.
Target marketing for participants in international exhibition and conventions those who visit Daegu
Selective familiarization tours for medical tourism agents and the press from abroad
Maximize marketing effect by participating in large-scale events related to medicine and tourism
Attract medical tourists in cooperation with the big city events, such as International Athletics World Championships Daegu 2011.
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