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Kyungpook National University Hospital Hair Transplantation Center
Korea’s the FIRST Hair transplantation center.
Year Histroy
2011.1 ~ Moved to current location with support of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2007 Discovered DKK-1 gene, the cause of male-pattern baldness
2007.2. With support of the city of Daegu, It expanded to become the Hair Transplantation & Research Center at KNUH
2001.4. Hosted an ISHRS workshop meeting
1996.6. Founded KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
1992 Development of bundle hair transplantation technique (present name follicular unit transplantation) and KNU implanter
(700-721) Kyungpook National University Hospital, Daegu City Centre Novotel Daegu Jung-gu Munhwa-dong, 11-1 6th Floor Hair  Transplantation Center  
 Tel. 053 420 5824   fax. 053 423 4628 location