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Training hair transplantation doctors
International symposium
Training technicians and surgical assistants
International symposium
Korea live surgery workshop 2012
Nov 17-18, 2012
KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
AAHRS (Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons) 2nd Annual Scientific Meeting In conjunction with the Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
May 11-13, 2012
COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea
2008 Asian Hair Surgery Workshop - ISHRS Regional Workshop
May 4-5, 2008
Seoul, Korea
First Traveling Workshop of ISHRS & WHS
April 28-29, 2001
Kyungpook National University Hospital, Daegu, Korea
Name Subject
James Arnold The Pre-operative Phase
  John P. Cole Donor Harvesting and Graft Preparation
  Paul C. Cotterill Surgical Approach to Transplanting Females with Hair Loss
Marna Ericson The Effects of Propecia on the Hair Follicle in Male Alopecia
Patrick Frechet Alopecia Removal Overview
Alex Ginzbug Current State of the Art, israel
Maria Hordinsky The Finasteride 5Year Data
Sheldon Kabaker Status of Scalp Reduction
Russell Knudsen Constructing the Hairline
Lee Laris Megasessions with Asian Patients
Mario Marzola Complication of Hair Restoration Surgery
Melvin L. Mayer Customized Recipient Sites and Placement of Grafts
Damkerng Pathomvanich Current State of the Art, Thailand
Paul T. Rose The Consultation
Ronald Shapiro Techniques for Providing an Adequate Density of Hair
Richard C. Shiell Modern Hair Restoration
Paull M. Straub Ethics
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